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5 Essential Wedding Furniture Hire

Wedding days are special occasions where everyone creates unforgettable memories and experiences. The furniture you choose plays a pivotal role in shaping the ambiance and comfort of the celebration. From a intimate wedding ceremony to a grand wedding reception, certain furniture pieces stand out as essential to curate the perfect setting for your special day. 

white velvet arm chair and sofa lounge outdoors

Seating Arrangements

Guest comfort is key to ensuring everyone relishes every moment. You can consider lavish sofas, sophisticated armchairs, or our trendy ottoman furniture that calls for conversations and relaxation. Offering stylish seating furnitures elevates the entire experience of your guests – whether its for a cozy lounge or the ceremony space. At Chair Hire Co, we have a variety of plush sofa lounges that radiates luxury and comfort. For instance, our colonial rattan lounge hire in natural colour. This is a great option for your wedding reception to add a different dynamic to your reception space. Not only do we have rattan sofa lounges but we also have our chic wire armchairs. These are the crowds favourite, especially our chic black velvet armchair. It is an elegant one-seater with a wire frame design offering a contemporary allure that will impress your guests. 

Wedding Table Options

From grand banquet tables to bridal tables, choosing the right tables sets the tone for the reception. It is important to ensure you have enough tables that can accommodate the amount of guests you are inviting. For our round banquet tables, they are able to comfortably seat up to 10 guests. We highly recommend our banquet tables for wedding receptions however, if you prefer a different style. We also stock trestle tables that are available in 1.8m and 2.4m. The 1.8m are able to seat 6-8 people or the 2.4m tables can fit in up to 10 people. With these table options, you can create exquisite designs, elegant centrepieces and beautiful table linens that harmonises with your theme. 

Our table collection doesn’t stop as we also have our glossy bridal tables crafted with elegance and sophistication in mind. With a high-gloss finishing that adds a touch of glamour, these tables can seat up to 2 people each. If you have a bridal party of 14 guests, you can seamlessly connect up to 7 bridal tables. 

wedding reception at a venue with gold tiffany chairs and round banquet tables
white mesh backdrop decorated with balloons and lets party neon sign and chocolate fountain station

Enchanting Backdrops

Craft a picturesque setting with stunning backdrops framing your cherished moments. We offer a range of event styling props that will perfectly suit wedding occasions. Whether it’s a lush floral bridal arch, a whimsical canopy, or  an ornate room divider, a captivating backdrop adds depth and beauty to your wedding photos. For a stunning backdrop, our light up “LOVE” letter hire is the perfect statement piece for your special day. Offering romantic vibes, this prop is the ideal backdrop for beautiful photos. 

Radiant Lights

Lighting adds to the mood and ambiance of an event space. You can incorporate chandeliers, festoon lights, fairy lights, candles or lanterns to create a romantic aura. Lighting not only illuminates but sprinkles a touch of magic to every corner of your venue. We have our festoon lights that has endless designs you can create. You can create a zig-zag pattern or a sun ray pattern with our festoon light hire. 

outdoor wedding with festoon lights hung up on poles

Bar and beverage stations

A well-crafted bar or beverage station adds elegance and convenience to your special wedding day. You can consider stylish bars, Champagne towers, or a rustic drink stations that blend with your theme. You can create unique beverage bar stations that offers style yet practical refreshments for your guests. With our glow bar hire, you can design a unique glow-in-the dark themed wedding