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6 Ways to Hang Festoon Light Hire

At Chair Hire Co, we offer Festoon lights that can add a magical touch to any outdoor or indoor space. Whether you’re planning wedding, birthday party, New Years Eve or Christmas party. Incorporating Festoon lights to your event decor will create a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

However, figuring out how to hang them in a creative and aesthetically pleasing way can be a challenge. Don’t fret, at Chair Hire Co, we have created 6 different ways you can style up your Festoon light!

1. Zig Zag Pattern

The zig zag pattern is the most common and most effective way to hang your hired festoon lights. You can attach the lights to the walls or supporting structures in a zigzag fashion. Crisscrossing back and forth to create a visually interesting display. This style allows a large area to be lit up by your festoon lights. Ensuring your area is well lit for your guests to enjoy the night. 

This pattern works well on a patio, a marquee, along a fence, or dining area. The zig zag pattern is a playful and dynamic way to hang your lights. It adds a touch of whimsy and is perfect for setting the mood. 

zig zag pattern for festoon lights
perimeter patten festoon light

2. Perimeter Pattern

Hanging the Festoon lights around the perimeter of a space is an easy but fantastic way to set up your hired festoon lights Sydney. Whether you’re lighting up your porch area, patio, garden, marquee or a fete stall. Outlining and defining your space creates a charming and inviting atmosphere. The charming festoon light Sydney provides a clear sense of boundaries. Enhancing the overall aesthetics of your space. 

Plus it is a simple and easy way to set up your festoon lights. All you need is 4 sturdy point of fixtures to hang the lights up. 

3. Linear Pattern

For a simple yet elegant lighting display, consider hanging festoon lights in a linear fashion. This means draping them in a straight line, whether it’s along a fence, above a deck, or even inside your home. The linear arrangement provides a neat and organised appearance, which is perfect for adding a touch of magic to outdoor dining areas or creating an intimate indoor area. It’s a classic look that never goes out of style.

linear festoon pattern
cross festoon pattern

4. Cross Pattern

The cross pattern is a straightforward yet elegant way to hang festoon lights. To achieve this look, run the lights in both horizontal and vertical lines, forming a grid or lattice. This style works wonderfully when you want to illuminate a larger area evenly, such as a tent for a wedding or a dance floor at an outdoor event. The clean lines and uniform lighting create a modern and sophisticated ambiance. It is a rather simple set up as you would only need four points of structures. 

5. Sun Ray

Creating a sun ray pattern with festoon lights can turn any outdoor space into a captivating oasis. To achieve this effect, anchor the lights at a central point, and then radiate them outward like sun rays. For this set up, you would require one main location point and the second point would need to be a long wide fixture. This could be a patio roof, house roof or any of the sort. This method is particularly enchanting when used as the focal point of a gazebo or outdoor dining area. The sun ray pattern provides a warm, inviting glow that draws people in, making it a delightful choice for romantic dinners or quiet moments of reflection.

Sun Ray festoon pattern
geometric festoon light pattern

6. Geometric

If you want to get creative and really make a statement with your festoon lights, try creating geometric shapes. This would require a bit more planning of the layout prior to setting up. As you would want enough length to cover the whole range of your area. You can hang the lights to form triangles, squares, or any other shape that suits your design vision. Geometric patterns are perfect for adding a modern and artistic touch to your space, whether it’s a wedding venue, a stylish restaurant, or even your own backyard.