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Bollards & Fencing Hire

If you’re planning an event in Sydney and want to create an attractive and safe event space, you might want to consider hiring bollards and white picket fences. These versatile yet stylish barriers can be used in a variety of settings to create a sense of order, control the flow of pedestrian traffic, and enhance the overall look of your event.

Bollards – Our bollards also known as stanchions are sturdy, short vertical posts that can be used to create a barrier or boundary between different areas of your event. They are available in chrome or gold and are versatile, it can be installed in a range of configurations to suit the needs for your event. For example, you might use bollards to mark off the entrance to your event, create a VIP area zone, or block off a particular area for safety reasons.

Velvet Ropes – Velvet ropes complement our bollard hire and are available in a striking red colour with silver clips or a luxurious black velvet with gold clips. They are easy to install onto the bollards by simply clipping on.

White Picket Fence –  Is charming option for events where you want to create a visually appealing perimeter. These white picket fences can be used to enclose a specific area, such as a garden or seating area for restaurants or cafes, or to create an attractive entrance to your event.

Overall, if you’re planning an event in Sydney, hiring bollards and white picket fences is a smart and practical choice. These versatile barriers can help to create a safe, attractive, and memorable space that your guests will remember for years to come.

At Chair Hire Co, we understand the necessity for safety at any event. So whether you require bollards or white picket fencing for your function, we have you covered. In addition to our barrier hire, we also stock red carpets, chairs, tables, glow furniture and more


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