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Hiring Seating for Workshops and Seminars

conference chair

Image attending a workshop or a seminar as a guest and you walk into the room, you find the seating is cramped and uncomfortable. For one, you will have very unhappy important guests. Secondly, your guests may even feel disengaged from the discussions. That is why it is important to have a well-though-out seating plan […]

How to Use our Bain Marie Hire

a buffet of food warmers with dishes

A Bain Marie Hire is a great practical solution to keep your dishes at your event nice and warm. Ready to eat at any point of time for your guests. Our Bain marie hire in Sydney is perfect for corporate events school functions, food stalls and more! If you’re hiring our Bain Marie Hire in […]

The Complete Guide for Your Event’s Perfect Seating

white padded folding chair at an event venue

Selecting the right seating is pivotal in planning an unforgettable event. At Chair Hire Co, we understand the significance of choosing the ideal chairs to hire to match the tone and comfort level your occasion demands. Whether it’s a birthday party, a wedding, a conference, or exhibition trade show, the right seating sets the stage […]

How to Operate a Hot Water Urn Hire

hot water urn

Are you hiring our Hot Water Urn Hire for your event in Sydney? Here is a guide on how to operate our hot water urn hire. So you can make a nice and warm cup of tea, coffee or hot water. Our hot water urn in Sydney is very easy to set up and to […]

Why You Should Hire a Pop-Up Marquee

pop up marquees at a court

Organising outdoor events can be quite challenging, with the weather being the most unpredictable factor. Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate gathering, or a community event, it is always a recommendation to hire marquees for outdoor events. You wouldn’t want your guests to be standing under the hot sun or rainfall at your event. This […]

Tips on using Laser Lights for your Party

laser lights

If you are having a house party at home our laser lights for hire is the perfect option, and our lasers are strong enough to fill a decent sized area. At Chair Hire Co, we offer a selection of laser light hire that can truly elevate your event experience. Our laser light hire are available […]

Types of Chair Hire for the Festive Seasons

Christmas theme table set up

The Festive season is just around the corner and it is the perfect time to start planning those festive events with family and friends. Whether you’re hosting an intimate Christmas dinner, a lively  New Year’s Eve party or any other special occasions. Choosing the right seating arrangements can make a huge difference. To ensure you […]

Type of Events Suitable to Hire a TV

two tv with tv stands at a home backyard

Whether it’s a corporate conference, a sports event, a wedding or a gathering, hiring a TV can elevate the overall experience and engagement of your audience. At Chair Hire Co, we offer high-quality TV hire for events of all kinds in Sydney. Read on more to explore the different types of events where hiring a […]

6 Ways to Hang Festoon Light Hire

evening event with festoon lights shining

At Chair Hire Co, we offer Festoon lights hire that can add a magical touch to any outdoor or indoor space. Whether you’re planning wedding, birthday party, New Years Eve or Christmas party. Incorporating Festoon lights to your event decor will create a warm and inviting atmosphere.  However, figuring out how to hang them in […]