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Chair Hire Ideas for Birthday Parties and Special Occasions

Birthdays and special occasions are important milestones, filled with joy, laughter and memories. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a large-scale celebration, the choice of seating can impact the ambience and comfort of your event. Here are some chair hire options you should consider when planning your event in Sydney.

large amount of plastic chairs at a tennis court field

Plastic Stackable Chairs: Affordable, Versatile and Practical

Among the diverse range of chairs we have at Chair Hire Co. Our White plastic stackable chairs are the most versatile and practical seating choice for various occasions. Not only are they affordable, these chairs are lightweight and durable. They offer convenience without compromising on style. Their stackable nature makes them space-efficient, allowing for easy transportation and set up. 

If you are looking for seating solutions that does its job of seating your guests. These affordable stackable chairs will do you justice. Though plain and simple in design, its practical nature is a popular choice for any intimate or large-scale events. 

Padded Folding Chairs: Comfort Meets Convenience

Our Padded Folding Chairs comes into when comfort is priority without sacrificing style and convenience. These chairs combine the practicality of foldability with the added luxury of cushioned seats. Our chairs are available in black or white colours. They are ideal for longer events or gatherings where guests might spend extended periods seated. These chairs are most used for weddings, conferences, corporate events and more. 

Their foldable design ensures easy set up and removal, this makes them the ideal choice for events that requires quick arrangements or changes in seating layout. From elegant dinners to casual backyard parties, these chairs seamlessly blend comfort with functionality. 

a mix of white and black padded folding chairs
White wire chair

Wire Chairs: Contemporary Elegance & Modern Charm

If you are looking for a blend of contemporary elegance and modern charm. Our wire chair hire stands out as the perfect seating option. Available in various colours, such as black, white, gold, and turquoise, the ideas are endless. Characterised by their unique intricate wireframe designs, these chairs add a touch of sophistication to any occasions. The wireframe design opts for their open and airy structure that creates an illusion of space. Making them perfect for smaller venues or events where aesthetic appeal plays an important role.