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Chair Hire Options for Fashion Shows and Runway Events

Fashion shows are aesthetically creative where fashion designers strive to put the best runway show of all time. Are you planning your biggest fashion show and you are currently at the production planning stage? So you’ve got the venue, models, guest list and now fixing up the little essentials such as the seating arrangement for your guests? Well, lucky for you, here at Chair Hire Co can give you chair hire options for your next biggest fashion shows and runway events. 

Although fashion shows don’t last long you are probably looking to hire out chairs for at least one-week long. At Chair Hire Co, we offer long term hire for as long as you need and in this case you are possibly looking to hire for the entirety of the fashion week. Read on further to find out the chair options that you can use for your fashion shows!

fashion show event

When hiring chairs for your fashion show, you would want seating options that aren’t bulky to seat the many guests at your show. Our White Padded Folding Chair Hire is small in structure and comfortable to sit. Crafted in hard resin plastic with an internal metal frame and a padded seat and backrest that will ensure your guests are seated comfortably even for 10 minutes! The chair has a folding design which makes it easy to transport and arrange to your liking. It is also available in a black colour if you want that sophisticated look.

Another great chair is our Ghost Chair Hire also known as Victorian Ghost Chair, though on the taller side compared to the White Padded folding chair hire. If you have a large venue space, this ghost chair hire is great as its transparent design is made to complement any environment, setup you plan to arrange your seats. The Ghost Chair Hire features a clean and sleek design, designed with a sturdy and comfortable seat and backrest, you guests can sit back and enjoy the fashion show. It’s sleek and sturdy structure leaves room for so much creativity, you can customise the chair with sashes, name tags, ribbons and bows to add a bit of personal touch to your fashion show. Also available in white and black

Tiffany Chair Hire (Chiavari)

If you are looking for a chair to add luxury and pristine, our Tiffany Chair Hire is a timeless piece of chair that is versatile and can also complement any type of theme you plan. At Chair Hire Co, we have a wide range of colours that may suit your liking. Including, gold, white, silver, black and clear. Craft in solid resin with classic and elegant spindle legs, its faux leather cushions add comfort and durability. It is another chair that is light and stackable making transport and arranging easy for you. Its sleek and thin structure allows many tiffany chairs to be placed together if you are holding your fashion show in a smaller venue. You could also add a bit of personal touch by adding ribbons, flowers, name tags and bows.

Next up on the list, is our Executive Chair Hire, though popular for corporate events. It is a versatile chair that would be great for your fashion shows. Our Black Executive Chair Hire is finished in a matte black resin plastic with a chrome-plated frame, it has a comfortable backrest and seat to ensure your guests are relaxed and enjoying your runway show. If you are planning on having your fashion show outdoors, this Executive chair Hire is a good choice as it is waterproof, light and stackable for any type of environment.  Due to its light and stackable feature, setting up your runway events or fashion shows will be a breeze. 

black executive chair

At Chair Hire Co, we make the process of hiring chairs for your fashion show easy. Once you have decided on the chairs to suit your event, we will take care of the delivery, the setup and also the collection to any venue space within Sydney and Melbourne. 

Contact us today for information about our chair hire and other fashion showhire products such as red carpets, bollards, event props and more!