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Chair Hire Services for Cocktail Receptions and Networking Events 

Organising cocktail receptions and networking events can get a little bit stressful. However, paying attention to details can make all the difference in creating a successful event and a memorable one at that. Yes, we all love our food and drinks which are crucial elements but one aspect that often gets overlooked is seating. Your guests will be moving about creating new connections with each other and your guest will need to be comfortable. Ensuring you have the perfect chairs can greatly enhance the comfort and ambience of your event and this is where our chair hire services at Chair Hire Co comes into play. 

colleagues holding a cocktail glass at a networking event

The Importance of Comfort

At Cocktail functions and networking events there involves a lot standing, walking and mingling around. However, it is also essential to provide a comfortable seating option for guests to rest and engage in meaningful conversations without feeling too fatigued or drained. At Chair Hire Co, we offer a wide range of comfortable chairs for your upcoming networking event. For instance, we have a stylish yet practical bar stool, the White wire stool that features a unique arrow design on the backrest adding modern & class to your event styling. This White wire stool will complement other furniture and decor, creating a classic look to your event. 

However, if you’re looking for a more luxe and something that can have more than one person sitting. We have the Black Velvet Ottoman Bench that can seat up 2-3 people on this bench. It is crafted with soft velvet material in a quilt design and supported by gold stainless legs that adds a touch of luxury to your event. We also offer this ottoman bench in other colours such as white, navy blue, emerald green and pink. You can mix things up by adding these lounge furniture that are different from your typical cocktail bar and stool set up, though nothing wrong with that at all.  

By choosing the perfect chairs, you can create an inviting and comfortable setting whilst encouraging your guests to stay longer, network more effectively and enjoy the event to the fullest. 

Enhancing Aesthetics

Our chair are not just practical and functional, they are also a part of your event’s decor. We have plenty of styles, sizes and colours to offer so you can create your event space vision to life. Are you going for that sleek and modern design for a corporate networking event? Look no further, as our chair range also includes professional looking cocktail furniture. Check out our Black Wire Arm Chair, a minimal yet chic seating option for your corporate event. This arm chair is crafted with a white iron frame and luxurious black velvet seat cushions that will add a modern touch to your event space. With its clean and minimalist design, this wire armchair is the perfect seating option. You can also mix and match with our black wire sofa lounge that can seat up to 2-3 people comfortably. Our wire arm chair range comes in various colours such as white, pink, navy blue and emerald green. 

If you’re not going for that sleek modern look but a more relaxed and inviting theme. Sit back and relax as we also have seating options for that type of vibe. View our sofa lounge collection for optimal relaxation and style. For example, this Black Rattan Lounge is a great seating selection if you want that relaxing but professional feel to your event. It offers elegance and exoticness through its black solid ash wood frame with natural rattan detailing and soft supporting cushions. You can complete the ultimate comfort look by matching this sofa lounge with our coffee table such as the Black rectangular coffee table with black marble top. 

Adding seating options and table selections should be considered as part of your overall decor scheme to add a touch of sophistication and cohesiveness to your event space. At Chair Hire Co, our chair and table range are sure to align with your event’s theme and aesthetic.

green and black velvet ottoman bench

Flexible Arrangements

One of the advantages of our chair rental services is the flexibility we offer. You can choose from various chair types, like barstools, lounge furniture, banquet chairs and more. Depending on the nature of your event, you can create different seating areas within your event venue, accommodating various activities and guest preferences. 

For example, with our sofa lounge furniture range you can set up a lounge area with sofas and plus seatings. Also with our cocktail bar stool and bar tables, you can create different areas for those who prefer standing. Adding versatility ensures that your cocktail event caters to the different needs of your guests. Not only do we have chair and lounge seating options but also an extensive range of table such as bar tables, tapas tables, banquet tables, trestle tables, coffee tables and more!

Reliable Delivery and set up options

When you opt for chair rental services, you may choose to arrange for set up and delivery of your items. Our experienced staff will ensure that the chairs are arranged correctly according to your requirements. This option eliminates the hassle of coordinating logistics and ensures that your event runs smoothly. 

When planning your next cocktail event or networking function, consider the impact that the right chairs can have on the overall experience of your guests. At Chair Hire Co, not only do we offer chair rentals but also other event equipment such as lounge furniture, bar cocktail furniture, audio visual equipment and much more. Get into contact today on 1300 445 370 or email through info@chairhireco.com.au