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Chairs That Can Be Hired In Sydney

Got a special event or occasion coming up and stuck figuring out what types of chairs to hire? We’ve put together a summary guide of the types of chair hire available in Sydney at Chair Hire Co.

Elegant Tiffany Chairs

You’ll probably recognise the Tiffany Chair from other events you’ve attended, or in professional photographs. The classic Tiffany Chair suits any room and effortlessly adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any styled event. It’s also light weight, stackable and highly affordable to hire. The most common colours of the Tiffany Chair are white, black, silver, gold and clear and they also come with a removable padded cushion. It’s also incredibly easy to style and add touches to the Tiffany Chair. A simple sash or ribbon, adorning some beads or lace, or even the simple touch of hanging some flowers on the edges. Tiffany Chairs are a bit slimmer than some of our other chair options, usually 91.5cm high, 36cm wide and 37cm deep. The padded cushion and sturdy structure makes the Tiffany Chair extremely comfortable, however you may prefer to consider a bigger chair option if you have varied guests.

white tiffany chair

Stylish Folding Chair

Don’t be deceived by its simplicity, and how beautiful folding chairs look for event hire. Importantly, the folding chair is extra comfortable with its tilted back support and padded cushion. At 78cm tall, 48cm wide and 42cm deep, folding chairs are light-weight, easy to store and manoeuvre, and can be styled to make the most basic of event settings looking chic.

Tolix Chair

The Tolix Chair comes in a range of colours that can be mix and matched to suit any event. This includes black, red, yellow, green (lime), blue, purple, silver, white and orange. Suitable for weddings, corporate and special occasion events, the Tolix Chair is one of the most versatile to hire.

And whilst it might seem that the Tolix Chair is a bit more clunky, its actually in line with other chair sizes being 78cm tall, 36cm wide and 37cm deep.

Professional Conference Chairs

If you’re planning a conference event, comfort is your first priority for attendees. Conference chairs are the most popular chair for corporate and all day function events. They’re easy to set-up and pack down, and most importantly they are the most comfortable for guests who will be sitting for long periods of time. Our corporate conference chairs can hold up to 150kg are finished in navy blue which adds a sophisticated and professional look to any room. The high back support adds extra comfort for extended seating sessions so you can be confident your guests are comfortable.

Conference Chairs

Casual Plastic Chairs

If you’re looking for a chair that’s reliable, easy to set up and maximum comfort, our plastic chairs are the best quality available to hire in Sydney. Holding up to 150kg, plastic chairs are easily stackable, extremely comfortable, and are one of our most popular chair products. Suitable for indoor and outdoor events, our plastic chairs come in white, grey and blue. With sturdy back support, we’d recommend plastic chairs if your event has older or less mobile guests. Don’t be misled into how great plastic chairs can also look with a simple sash, ribbon or decoration.