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Effects Machines Hire

We offer our Effect machine hire services all throughout Sydney ensuring you don’t miss out in creating a wonderful event. Our effects machines hire will help your party come to life by creating a unique atmosphere at your event. Our effect machines are a great choice for enhancing the lighting effects at your event.

Smoke Machines – Our smoke machine hire is the ultimate party accessory. Create an unforgettable atmosphere at your next event with our smoke machine. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, halloween party, wedding reception, or corporate event, our smoke machine is the perfect addition to take your party to the next level.

Bubble Machines – This bubble machine hire is a professional compact machine for any occasion. With its near silent operation and capability of producing up to 150 bubbles per minute, this machine will be a hit at you next party or function.

Dry Ice Machine – Our dry ice machine produces a mesmerising low-lying fog that will add an enchanting atmosphere to your event, making it truly unforgettable. The dry ice is transformed into a thick fog that stays low to the ground, creating a breathtaking effect. The hire of this machine comes with an operator.

Dry Sparklers – Our Dry Sparkler Hire is the perfect way to add a touch of magic and excitement to any wedding event or celebration in Sydney. The hire of this machine comes with an operator. 

Our range of effects machines goes hand in hand with our audio and party lighting equipment