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Elevate Your Catering Game: The Pros of Bain Marie & Hot Water Urn Hire

Treat your guests to a delightful catering experience with our catering hire at Chair Hire Co! Whether you’re catering for a small family gathering or a large corporate event, having the right catering equipment can elevate your catering game! Here’s the advantages of hiring catering equipment for your upcoming event in Sydney.

Bain Marie Hire - The Secret to Perfect Temperature Control

Our Bain Marie Hire is a versatile piece of catering equipment that is designed to maintain the perfect temperature for your dishes. It consists of a large container filled with water and smaller containers often referred to as ‘pans’ that holds the food.

Here are some reasons you may want to hire our Bain Marie Hire:

Precise temperature control: One of the biggest pro of using our Bain Marie Hire is the precise control of heating temperatures for your dishes. You can keep soups, sauces, rice, and delicate dishes at the right temperature without the risk of overcooking or burning the dish.

Even Heating: The water in the Bain Marie provides even heating, ensuring that your food dishes are consistently heated from all sides. This reduces the need for constant stirring and minimises the risk of hot spots.

Versatility: Our Bain Marie Hire comes with 4 x half size 100cm pans for you to warm up 4 different dishes. Alternatively, you can have one dish spread between 2 pans and another dish in the next 2 pans. 

Time and energy efficiency: Using our Bain Marie Hire can save you time and energy. As it allows you to prepare dishes in advance and keep them warm until they are ready to be served. This means you can focus on other aspects of your catering operation without worrying about the food getting cold. That way you can also provide your late arriving guests warm delicious food!

Hot Water Urn Hire - A must-have for beverage service

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Another essential catering equipment is our Hot water urn hire. This can significantly enhance your catering services, especially when it comes to beverage services. Whether you’re serving hot tea, coffee or hot water for other purpose. Here are the advantages of hiring a hot water urn:

Capacity: Our Hot water urns come in a capacity of 30L. This is the perfect capacity for both small and larger events. 

Quick heating: Our Hot water urn hire are designed to heat water rapidly, ensuring that you have a constant supply of hot water for your guests. This is especially crucial for events where hot beverages are in high demand, like corporate events, school functions held during the evenings or colder times.

Temperature maintenance: Once the water is heated, the hot water urn can maintain the desired temperature for an extended period of time. This ensures that your guests can enjoy hot beverages throughout the event.

Convenience: Using our hot water urn is convenient for both you and your guests. Hiring a water urn eliminates the need for boiling water in separate pots or kettles. Saving the time and effort so you can focus on other aspects of your event.

Bain Maries and hot water urns are two essential pieces of equipment that can help you deliver top-notch catering services. With precise temperature control, even heating, and convenience, these tools are invaluable for maintaining the quality of your dishes and beverages.

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