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Glow Furniture

Our glow furniture hire is one of our most popular products. This type of furniture had LED lighting inside which illuminates the furniture. You can change the colours via a remote to get the desired colour you are after. There are over sixteen colours, including red, blue, yellow, green, pink and white to name just a few. The remote also allows you to control whether you want a fixed colour, or if you want the furniture to flash or fade between colours for more of that party vibe.

We have glow cubes, glow rounded chairs and glow benches available as our seating options. We also have glow bars, glow stools and glow cocktail tables should you need these also. If you are setting up a seating area, you can also look at our range of glow tables that also illuminate to complement your seating.

The glow furniture hire range also has an internal battery inside the furniture. They typically give about 8 hours of light. No cords are needed as the furniture comes pre charged for your convenience.

Our glow furniture hire can be used both indoors and outdoor events and parties