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Glow up Your Event with Glow Furniture Hire

Our Glow Furniture will leave a lasting impression on your guests. From glow cubes, glow bars, glow tables and more, the use of glow furniture will elevate any gathering. You can glow up any dull space with glow furniture by infusing it with radiance and a touch of modern sophistication.

glow cube

Glow Cubes

Our Glow Cubes are versatile and multifunctional, that can be served as decorative pieces or functional seating options. With their luminous glow, our glow furniture has a spectrum of colours available to choose from. They have 3 different modes that you can choose from. Static, Flash and Fade, with whatever mode effect you choose, there is guarantee that you’ll create a mesmerising atmosphere and enhance the ambience of your event. 

With our glow cube hire, there are many different ways you can set up and design the layout you desire. Whether you scattered throughout the venue or arranged to form unique patterns, glow cubes add a contemporary and chic vibe to the event. These glow cube hire can be used for both indoor and outdoor gatherings. It requires no leads as they can last the whole events duration. 

glow bar

Glow Bars

Our Glow bar stands as a focal point at any event. These glow bars are great to hire as beverage stations. Whether serving cocktails or beverages, these radiant glow bars will elevate your guests experience. Leaving a lasting impression on your attendees. As these glow furniture have a modular design, you can create countless designs and ways to craft the bar you need for your event.

Glow rectangle bench

Glow Benches

Our Glow benches will fill your space with a dynamic radiance. Serving as stylish seating options that redefines traditional event furniture. When paired with our Glow mushroom coffee table hire, their luminous allure transform seating arrangements to a vibrant centrepiece. When creatively placed, these benches will enhance the event’s visual appeal. Whether you are using it for lounging or as part of the main seating arrangement, their glowing presence adds a modern and innovative touch to any gathering.