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How to Set Up Festoon Lights

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood and atmosphere of any event. From weddings to outdoor parties and corporate functions, the right lighting can transform a space and create unforgettable memories. One lighting option that has been gaining popularity for its charm and versatility is festoon light hire. Unsure of how to set up your hired festoon lights? We have created a guide on how to set up your lights, step-by-step!

festoon lights hanging from roofing

Step 1: Plan Your Design or Layout

Before you go straight into setting up the lights, take a minute to plan how you want your festoon lights to look. Consider the layout of the area and locations where you’d want to hang the lights. Look for potential fixing points of your locations such as trees, tall fence posts, roofs, and more. Based on the location, there are many patterns you can do such as a cross pattern, a sun-ray pattern or a zig-zag pattern. You need to also identify the location of your power source and plan your design around that.

We also created a guide on different festoon light patterns you may consider. 

festoon lights hanging on wooden posts

Step 2: Materials Needed

1. Festoon Lights – Ensure you have hired enough lights to cover the entire length of the area you want to illuminate.

2. Power Source – Ensure you have made a plan of your layout and plan around power source. 

3. Extension Cords – If your power outlet does not have easy access, we recommend ensuring you have enough extension cords to reach your outlet. 

4. Outdoor hooks, clips, & cable ties – You’ll need something to secure the lights. Ensure you have created a plan of the layout. Depending on your set up, you can use hooks, clips or cable ties to secure the lights. 

5. Ladder – A ladder is required to hang the lights at your desired height. 

6. Wire Rope/ rope –  If your set up doesn’t have any wire to support the lights, we recommend using a wire rope or any rope to support the lights. However, you can also hang the lights without any supporting wire. You would need to keep the distance between fixings under 7m apart. 

Step 3: Test Lights

Although we always test the lights before they are ready to be delivered or picked up by you. We still recommend to test the lights with your power source and ensure they are functional correctly. All you need to do is connect the lights to a power source and your ready to go! 

outdoor wedding with festoon lights hung up on poles
festoon lights and pop up marquee and trestle tables

Step 4: Hang the Lights

Now that you have a plan, tested the lights, have all the materials you require – you are now ready to set up!

Attach your chosen hooks, clips or table ties to your fixing points (e.g trees, pergolas, fences, posts. Ensure you know how much space and the length of the lights it will cover. 

If you are using support wires/ropes, attach the wires to your desired locations/designs. Secure the lights by draping them over the hooks or through the clips. 

We recommend the lights to be stretched but not too tight. 

Note: We don’t provide installation and setup or any of the other accessories you require for setup.

As you go along, step back to assess your progress and ensure the lights are evenly spaced. Adjust the placement if necessary. 

Step 5: Conceal and Enjoy the Ambiance

Once you are done hanging the lights, ensure the extension cord and any excess cords are hidden or secured to avoid any tripping hazards as well as that flawless look! With that out of the way, you can now sit back and enjoy the magical atmosphere you have created. 

Though it may take some time and effort to install, they nonetheless offer a captivating atmosphere that will make your outdoor gatherings, parties, weddings even better. 

festoon lights