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Jukebox and Karaoke

Our jukebox and karaoke machines are a hit for all age groups. We provide jukebox hire and delivery across Sydney. Our machines have thousands of songs which cover music from the 60’s till today, spanning across a mix of artists and genres. Our jukebox machines all your favourite songs and our karaoke tracks play the lyrics on screen for you so you can sing along to your favourite artists.

The jukebox/karaoke machines are a favourite at parties because you get to control the music as opposed to listening to the music that a DJ might play, which might not necessarily be what everyone else is into. You also get to keep the machine overnight, so you can party for as long as you like, and are not on a time limit as you are with a DJ.

Our packages include a full sound system, intelligent disco lights If you select the karaoke addition, we also provide two microphones for us. They are simple to use and can be operated by anyone. For more information, simply email or call our team for expert advice.