Chair hire for function events

Planning your next function or event? Chair Hire Co has the widest range of chair hire available in Sydney metro and greater region. Whether you it’s for a special ceremony, corporate function or celebration party, Chair Hire Co has all your needs covered. Below is a summary of the types of chair hire available and what they are most commonly hired for.

Styled function chairs – The Tiffany chair and the Folding chair

A room of stylish chairs can completely transform your space and help you achieve the look you are after. The Tiffany Chair has a very shabby chic feel, and is a timeless addition to any event space. Even if you’re after a more modern setting, the Tiffany Chair is versatile enough to work with most styles.

The humble Folding Chair whilst it might seem simple, looks beautiful when arranged together. You can also hang ornaments or decorations from the tip, and add a cushion for extra comfort.

Tolix and Wire chairs

Tolix and wire chairs are funky and vibrant for any event space. They’re also sturdy and durable for events where people will be sitting for long periods of time. Our Tolix chair hire can be as chairs with high backs, or stools, and both come in a wide range of colours including black, yellow, red, silver, lime, purple, blue, silver, white and orange.


Tolix chair hire

Acapulco Chairs

Plastic Chairs

Whilst not the most glamorous of chairs, the plastic chair is one of the easiest and most reliable chairs hired for events, especially in large quantities due to their light weight and durability. Also being waterproof, the plastic chair is perfect if your wet weather plan is outdoors or a high chance of still getting wet! Plus, plastic chairs don’t have to look as daggy as you might be imagining, if styled with the right finishings. See below for some inspiration.


Chairs That Can Be Hired In Sydney

Got a special event or occasion coming up and stuck figuring out what types of chairs to hire? We’ve put together a summary guide of the types of chair hire available in Sydney at Chair Hire Co.

Tiffany Chairs

You’ll probably recognise the Tiffany Chair from other events you’ve attended, or in professional photographs. The classic Tiffany Chair suits any room and effortlessly adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any styled event. It’s also light weight, stackable and highly affordable to hire. The most common colours of the Tiffany Chair are white, black, silver, gold and clear and they also come with a removable padded cushion.

It’s also incredibly easy to style and add touches to the Tiffany Chair. A simple sash or ribbon, adorning some beads or lace, or even the simple touch of hanging some flowers on the edges.

Tiffany Chairs are a bit slimmer than some of our other chair hire options, usually 91.5cm high, 36cm wide and 37cm deep. The padded cushion and sturdy structure makes the Tiffany Chair extremely comfortable, however you may prefer to consider a bigger chair hire option if you have varied guests.

The Bentwood Chair

The widest of chair hires available is the Bentwood Chair which is 41cm wide, 45cm deep and 88cm tall. The Bentwood Chair is popularly referred to as the ‘Chanel Chair’ due to its round back shape. The Bentwood Chair is very sturdy, providing a comfortable choice for guests who will be seating for prolonged periods of time. It’s timeless elegance and style also looks sophisticated in any event room.


The Bentwood Chair is most commonly hired for weddings, birthday parties, christenings, bar mitzvahs, corporate and special occasion events.


The Folding Chair

Don’t be deceived by its simplicity, and how beautiful folding chairs look for event hire. Importantly, the folding chair is extra comfortable with its tilted back support and padded cushion. At 78cm tall, 48cm wide and 42cm deep, folding chairs are light-weight, easy to store and manoeuvre, and can be styled to make the most basic of event settings looking chic.


Tolix Chair Hire

If you are looking for a more modern atmosphere for your event, and comfort is high on your priority list, the Tolix Chair is your perfect choice to hire.

Tolix chair hire


The Tolix Chair comes in a range of colours that can be mix and matched to suit any event. This includes black, red, yellow, green (lime), blue, purple, silver, white and orange. Suitable for weddings, corporate and special occasion events, the Tolix Chair is one of the most versatile to hire.

And whilst it might seem that the Tolix Chair is a bit more clunky, its actually in line with other chair sizes being 78cm tall, 36cm wide and 37cm deep.


Conference Chairs

If you’re planning a conference event, comfort is your first priority for attendees. Conference chairs are the most popular chair hire for corporate and all day function events. They’re easy to set-up and pack down, and most importantly they are the most comfortable for guests who will be sitting for long periods of time.

Our corporate conference chairs can hold up to 150kg are finished in navy blue which adds a sophisticated and professional look to any room. The high back support adds extra comfort for extended seating sessions so you can be confident your guests are comfortable.

Plastic Function Chairs

If you’re looking for a chair that’s reliable, easy to set up and maximum comfort, our plastic chairs are the best quality available to hire in Sydney. Holding up to 150kg, plastic chairs are easily stackable, extremely comfortable, and are one of our most popular chair hire products. Suitable for indoor and outdoor events, our plastic chairs come in white, grey and blue. With sturdy back support, we’d recommend plastic chairs if your event has older or less mobile guests.

Don’t be misled into how great plastic chairs can also look with a simple sash, ribbon or decoration.




Types of Chair Hire in Sydney

Don’t know where to hire chairs for your upcoming event? Chair Hire Co stock and deliver chairs suitable for a wide variety of functions, from backyard parties to corporate functions or weddings.

Styling an event can be overwhelming. Choosing and hiring the right chairs to go with your theme might seem easy, but without a little guidance it can be hard to know what’s really going to bring your ideas to life.

It’s important that your chairs compliment both the venue and the theme of the event. For weddings – simple, understated, clean lines work best to compliment floral decorations and table settings. For conferences – your guests want to be comfortable! Chair Hire Co has considered all of these finer details for you. With flexible seven day delivery, handy add on services and competitive prices, Chair Hire Co really is your one stop shop for getting it right!

Chairs Suitable For Your Event


Premium Plastic Chairs – White, simplistic and clean lines look great for complimenting bold colours and beautiful floral arrangements on your big day! Available in white, black, red or grey.

Folding ChairsA popular choice for weddings whether it be at the ceremony or reception, this classic design is a versatile pick for almost all venues and themes. Available in black or white.

Tiffany Chair (with cushion)Comfortable and stylish! These chairs really set off your reception with a more detailed feel as well as a cushion for added comfort.

Cocktail Style Functions:

Tolix StoolsAvailable in a variety of colours, these simple yet stylish stools can work for a cocktail wedding, a backyard engagement or a corporate event. Explore some of the brighter colours for something different.

Wire Stools – A tall, comfortable stool option offering a detailed wire design with a back rest!

Corporate Functions & Events:

Conference Chairs – Sleek black and silver design, comfortable and suitable for corporate conferences.

Glow Seating – Unique, fresh, versatile and fun! The glow seating range by Chair Hire Co adds some colour to your conference space, available in different shapes and sizes.

Plastic Function Chairs – A cheap, easy and versatile option, available in grey and white.

Ottoman Benches – Ideal for a wide open setting for guests to sit and take a break! Available in black and white.

View a comprehensive list of all that Chair Hire Co has to offer including prices, here.


Need some inspiration?

If you’re looking for ideas for your event, of aren’t sure if Chair Hire Co is right for you, have a browse of the gallery.

Where does Chair Hire Co deliver?

Sydney – All suburbs

Central Coast

Southern Highlands

Blue Mountains


Please enquire if your area is not listed above – Chair Hire Co work hard to meet the needs of your event or function and are happy to be flexible to suit your individual delivery requirements.


Additional Services

Chair Hire Co comes with a bunch of handy add-on services including equipment setup, marquee hire, heating, sound hire and more. Details and prices of these services can be found at

For tables to accompany your chairs, please visit Chair Hire Co’s affiliate company at

Chair Hire Co specialise in catering to a wide range of clients hosting events both small and large. Their specialised customer service and delivery team are committed to tailoring their service to support your needs, so reaching out to their friendly team on 1300 455 370 or at might help to answer any questions you might have.

Chair Hire in Sydney

From corporate events to private functions, weddings, festivals and birthday parties, Chair Hire Co. has all your chair hire needs across Sydney covered. Choose from the widest range of Tiffany Chairs, Bentwood Chairs, Tolix Chairs, Conference Chairs and more. Chair Hire Co has the best selection of chairs available for any function or private event.

Chair hire in Sydney suburbs

Flexible to your needs, Chair Hire Co can deliver at specific times on request, across suburbs in Sydney. If you’ve hired an inner Sydney venue, the easiest thing to do is ask the venue manager what time bump in and bump out of your event is and we can work with your venue provider to deliver between a best suited, and agreed time.

Chair hire on the Central Coast, NSW

Chair Hire Co also offers chair hire and party hire services on the Central Coast of NSW, and can offer you bespoke packages for your special event. At Chair Hire Co, we stock everything from plastic chair hire to conference chairs, wedding chairs, marquees, tables and audio. All of our equipment chair hire is easy to pack down and store, with all chairs being stackable or foldable.

Chair hire in the Southern Highlands, NSW

If you need chair hire in the Southern Highlands, Chair Hire Co can cater to all your needs. Chair Hire Co has Tiffany Chairs, Plastic Chairs, Folding Chairs, Stools, Tolix Chairs, Bentwood or Chanel Chairs and Couches all available for hire. Chair Hire Co can deliver seven days per week, and the cost of delivery depends on location.


Chair hire in the Blue Mountains, NSW

Whether it’s for a charity, corporate, religious or wedding event, Chair Hire Co also services the Blue Mountains NSW. Please note that hilst Chair Hire Co offers delivery, all deliveries are to ground level. If you require your equipment hire to  be transported via an elevator or stair lift, a small fee will be charged. We are also happy to offer set-up for an additional fee.

Chair hire in the Canberra and surrounds

With the biggest range of chair hire available across Sydney, Chair Hire Co is also proud to be able to service the greater Sydney and surrounding areas, including Canberra in the ACT. For further details and to enquire, simply contact us via our web form or call 1300 455 370.


The perfect chairs for an outdoor wedding

Outdoor settings are the popular choice for weddings during Spring time when seasonal flowers begin to bloom, providing the perfect background for your wedding photos and temperatures remain at comfortbale levels for guests throughout the day. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, we’ve broken down the most popular types of chairs you might consider hiring for your own big day.

See our full range of wedding chairs.

  1. 1. The Tiffany Chair

  2. For an elegant themed wedding, tiffany chairs add a ‘refined’ tone to an event and are also suitable in dining settings as well as they have a high back. Available in a range of colours, tiffany chairs can be accompanised with crystal glassware and white linens for a timeless, sophisticate look.
  3. tiffany chair outdoor wedding
  4. Image credit

2. Folding Chairs

Available in white from Chair Hire Co, folding chairs are a practical option for wedding aisle chairs for outdoor weddings. Folding chairs cost less to hire than tiffany chairs but can easily be dressed up and leave more budget left over for other parts of the wedding. They are particularly suitable for large weddings with many guests as they can easily folded for transport, easy set up during the event an pack up afterward.

folding chairs outdoor wedding


3. Victorian Chairs

Also known as Crystal Chairs, or Ghost Chairs, Victorian Chairs are becoming an increasingly popular option for outdoor events and weddings.They are completely waterproof so make the perfect chair for your outdoor wedding if you are unsure of the weather, or if you are considering a beach wedding where items can get wet.


4. Plastic Chairs

Are you looking to host a low key wedding on a budget? Or perhaps need to control costs with a large number of guests? Plastic chairs are a great option for outdoor weddings as they are cost-effective and can easily be dressed up with ribbons and hanging plants to easily add a touch of style and elegance to your wedding. They are also waterproof and resistant to damage.

Chair hire size guide

Are you considering what chairs to hire for your event and want to compare your choices? Below is an easy summary table for you to refer to including width, height, depth and most common occasions used for. Most of these chairs are versatile and multi-purpose, and your selection may really depend on the type of event you are hosting and atmosphere you want to create.

To view our full range of chair hire available, click here.

ChairSeat widthSeat heightDepthCommonly used for
Padded folding chair48cm78cm42cmWeddings
Special occasions
Victorian chair39cm90cm46cmWeddings
Special occassions
Tiffany chair36cm91.5cm37cmWeddings
Function hire
Special occasions
Bentwood chair41cm45cm88cmWeddings
Function hire
Special occasions
Tolix chair36cm78cm37cmWeddings
Function hire
Special occasions
Plastic chair40cm79.5cmWeddings
Function hire
Special occasions

Padded folding chair hire


Victorian chair hire


Tiffany chair hire


Bentwood chair hire


Tolix chair hire


Plastic chair hire

It can be a little overwhelming when it comes to choosing chair hire for your wedding day, especially if you are looking to hire several for different uses throughout the day. This article summarises the most popular chair hire options for specific uses on your wedding day. Keep in mind that most chairs can be used for multiple purposes, this is just highlighting the most popular.

Wedding ceremony chair hire

For most wedding receptions Tiffany Chairs, Bentwood Chair and Folding Chairs are hired. These are the most picturesque chairs for your ceremony and look beautiful on their own, or with some floral arrangements down the aisle.

White Plastic Function Chairs are also a popular choice for hire, especially if your ceremony is outdoors and you don’t plan on it taking too long. These are a sturdy option, being able to carry up to 150kg.

Cocktail hour wedding hire

Whilst most of your pre-reception cocktail hour in Brisbane will likely be spent standing and mingling, it’s always advisable to provide some seating for your guests. Having mixed seating during cocktails generally sets the best ambience, and is a sure way to cater for all of your guests. Most cocktail hours will have some basic high tables and chairs and some lower options too such as benches and couches, or a few round tables and folded chairs.

Reception chair wedding hire

It’s hard to go wrong with hiring any of our available chairs for your wedding reception. When the whole room comes together, and you have a suite of chairs arranged throughout, it looks better than you could have imagined in all your planning. Tiffany Chairs look the most classic when together in a room, the Folding Chair has a more classic modern feel and the Bentwood Chair is a more sturdy structure, being the widest of chairs available. For a modern and more sophisticated look, we love the range of Victorian Chairs.

Similar to cocktail hour chair hire, it’s a nice touch to have some other chairs available throughout the space for once everyone has finished eating and will be dancing and mingling. A few high tables and bar stools are easy to place around, and if you have the space, an area with some ottomans or couches is great to offer for guests to relax.

One of the best things about living in Australia is that our festive time of year can be enjoyed outdoors. Many offices and workplaces now are trending away from the late night Christmas party do, and opting to host these during the day time. For those with families and young children, it’s usually easier to spend a work day with your colleagues than ask for a mid-week or weekend night off from home. Plus most events during the day time allow for a bit more bonding opportunity between colleagues with activities being organised for staff.

But having a day-time Christmas party doesn’t mean it has to be boring! There are lots of fun ways to decorate and style an event space, and still create a festive atmosphere. Here are our top tips for planning an outdoor Christmas party event during the day.

Choose a space that you can have a plan for rain, hail or shine

Even though it’s summer, sometimes it does still rain! Make sure wherever you choose to host your event, you have a back-up option in case it rains. That could be as simple as checking with the pub down the road if they can host your group during the day, or seeing if a local hall is available.

Let everyone know what to expect on the day

Whether it’s a party in Melbourne, a formal sit-down lunch, or a casual BBQ in the park – it’s always good to let your guests know what to expect on the day. If you can involve some staff in helping to organise the event and get feedback about what interests people is always helpful as well. For example, if many of your staff have children, would they prefer a family-friendly event?


If your event is in an open outdoor space – hire a marquee

So even if it doesn’t rain and it’s a gorgeous day filled with sunshine, it’s not responsible to have your guest outside in the sun without any protection. A marquee will be really important to provide some shade. You may also need to consider the temperature and having some fans if it’s going to be an extra hot day.

Even though it’s outdoors, you’ll still need a run-sheet and a floor plan

Regardless of the size of your business, you’ll still need a plan for seating and dining 20 to 100+ people in your outdoor space. Even if your event isn’t going to be having food and drink service all day, when it is time for your guests to eat they’ll likely want to sit down. Depending on the atmosphere you want at your event, this could be done in a sit-down style with tables and chairs, or a more informal setting such as casual ottomans and lounges, and cocktail bar tables.



Consider team building activities for smaller groups

Sometimes a smaller group can be harder to cater for and keep everyone interested for a full day. However by doing something together during the day time, it can also be a perfect opportunity to break-up the work-day grind and do a team building activity. Some ideas include organising your own version of The Amazing Race, lawn games if you’d prefer something less formal or group trivia. Team activities are a great way to fill up some time and to bring a group together.


Cocktail party hire

Cocktail parties are becoming increasingly popular, especially during the Christmas festive season. Often cocktail parties are chosen for being more economical and for functions that want a more social and informal vibe. Here’s our checklist to help you plan for the perfect cocktail party.

Choose a theme or dress code

It doesn’t have to be fancy or over the top, but providing your guests with a dress code will avoid any confusion or awkward situations on the night. Your theme can be as simple as a colour, a style, i.e. Spring or Christmas, or even stating “Cocktail” is enough of a theme itself!

Confirm any dietary requirements for the menu

Make sure your guests let you know of any dietary requirements before you order your food and catering. It’s also a good idea if possible, to let your waitstaff know who has special dietary needs on the night. This will help them to be able to ensure they get served the food that has been prepared. Even though you may be planning a variety of food and assume that most people’s taste or preferences are covered, it’s always safer to add this request to your RSVP and work with a real number.

Consider how the food and drinks will be served

Consider whether you will hire waitstaff to serve your guests for the evening, or perhaps you will have a combination of wait staff and service areas, i.e. a bar. The size of your event will be the biggest determination factor of how you choose to service, however with whichever option you choose, there are some added considerations.

  • If you’re the host and serving food – will you still be able to enjoy yourself?

Whilst it might be in your nature to want to be the planner of everything, this is a big thing to consider. There are many mobile staff companies now that offer waitstaff for 2 to 3 hour events in private homes – which makes it a much more relaxed and enjoyable event for the host.

  • Even with wait staff, you’ll probably need a bar service area

Most wait staff serve a drink on arrival, then spend the evening roaming to top-up people’s glasses and offer food. A bar service area is the easiest way to avoid your guests chasing waitstaff around. Once most guests have arrived, it’s also not as easy for staff to be juggling trays full of liquid around a room!

  • Make sure you have a run sheet for the catering

Think of your cocktail event still to be like serving a meal, just in smaller portion sizes over a period of time. Usually you will still start with the entrees and appetisers, and work your way onto the mains. If you’re serving heated food, make sure to allow time for cooking or reheating in your schedule.

  • Have a run-sheet on the night

  • Having a run-sheet on the night will make everything much smoother and help you to keep track of how the evening/event progresses. Even if you have some leeway and flexibility built into these times, or allow for a few things to be shuffled around on the day, it’s much easier to do this if you have a list to refer to.


  • Even though it’s a stand-up event, you’ll still need to hire tables and chairs

  • Whether your event is two hours, three hours or all evening – you can’t expect your Gold Coast guests to remain standing the entire time. Just because your guests aren’t going to be having a formal sit down meal, there are plenty of other options to have tables and chairs available. Free standing cocktail bars with stools is a popular option, as is having a lower lounge area with ottomans or benches. If your event is outside and its good weather, deck chairs or acapulco chairs also look great and are a fun option.
  • Low tables and cubes

    Acapulco Chairs

Christmas is just around the corner which means, so is the festive and party season. Whether you’re planning a party for the office, a group of friends or your family, it helps to be organised. If you need party hire supplies for your event, you’ll also want to start sourcing this sooner than later to avoid any disappointment.

Here are our top tips to consider when organising your Christmas party.

1. Send out your Save the Dates ASAP

Similar to times of the year when it feels like every weekend is someone else getting married, calendars during the festive season quickly fill up.

Most work Christmas functions are held mid-week, knowing that staff are likely to have prior engagements at this time of year on the weekend.

Once you have your venue locked down, it’s advisable to send out a Save the Date as soon as possible. There are lots of easy ways to get your invitations and RSVPs out online now. If your Christmas party is with your friends or family, a Facebook event is probably easiest. If it’s for your work place, calendar invitations are great to make sure everyone has the date saved. Or if you want a fancier but still easy digital invitation, have a look at the animated invites on Paperless Post.

Source: Paperless Post

2. Make a check-list of your party hire supplies – and book as soon as you can

If your event is being held at a venue, check with them what is and isn’t supplied. If your event is at home, you’ll probably need a more comprehensive check-list. Here are some of the most standard items that you are most likely to need,

  • Tables – If it’s a sit-down function you may prefer dining or banquet tables. If it’s a cocktail event you’ll need some high tables scattered throughout the room
  • Chairs – Similarly, even if your event is not a formal sit-down meal, your guests will want chairs to rest in.
  • Glassware – Our biggest tip with glassware is to not underestimate how much you will need. A useful article to help you calculate how much glassware you will need can be read here.
  • Dancefloor – Having a dedicated dance floor space is great for coordinating your room layout, and also is a much safer option than just sectioning off an area. Most people know that they shouldn’t carry drinks across the dancefloor and will avoid using it as a thoroughfare. This is quite important to consider if this is a corporate Christmas party with OH&S liabilities.
  • Lighting – Lighting sets the tone for the whole room and atmosphere of the evening. Christmas theme is a beautiful use of lighting and will create a warm, friendly and festive atmosphere for your event.
  • Microphone and lectern – A microphone is essential if you’re planning on having speeches.
  • Staging – Will you be giving out any end of year awards to staff or team members?

3. Food and catering

If you’re hosting a low-key event with your close friends or family, you’re probably going to know what food most people do and don’t eat.

However, if this is a company event with a diversity of staff attending, you’ll need to consider this when organising your caterers. There are many religions that have dietary requirements, so for some of the menu, you’ll want to make sure it’s friendly to most requirements.

For a sit-down menu, we’d recommend asking your guests to nominate any dietary requirements in their RSVP. Don’t be shy to also ask for this though if you are hosting a cocktail function, as it will make organising much easier for you if you know for example that 20% of your guests are vegetarian.