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The perfect chairs for an outdoor wedding

Outdoor settings are the popular choice for weddings during Spring time when seasonal flowers begin to bloom, providing the perfect background for your wedding photos and temperatures remain at comfortbale levels for guests throughout the day. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, we’ve broken down the most popular types of chairs you might consider hiring for your own big day.

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  1. 1. The Tiffany Chair

  2. For an elegant themed wedding, tiffany chairs add a ‘refined’ tone to an event and are also suitable in dining settings as well as they have a high back. Available in a range of colours, tiffany chairs can be accompanised with crystal glassware and white linens for a timeless, sophisticate look.
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2. Folding Chairs

Available in white from Chair Hire Co, folding chairs are a practical option for wedding aisle chairs for outdoor weddings. Folding chairs cost less to hire than tiffany chairs but can easily be dressed up and leave more budget left over for other parts of the wedding. They are particularly suitable for large weddings with many guests as they can easily folded for transport, easy set up during the event an pack up afterward.

folding chairs outdoor wedding

3. Victorian Chairs

Also known as Crystal Chairs, or Ghost Chairs, Victorian Chairs are becoming an increasingly popular option for outdoor events and weddings.They are completely waterproof so make the perfect chair for your outdoor wedding if you are unsure of the weather, or if you are considering a beach wedding where items can get wet.

4. Plastic Chairs

Are you looking to host a low key wedding on a budget? Or perhaps need to control costs with a large number of guests? Plastic chairs are a great option for outdoor weddings as they are cost-effective and can easily be dressed up with ribbons and hanging plants to easily add a touch of style and elegance to your wedding. They are also waterproof and resistant to damage.