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The Ultimate Guide to Popcorn Machine Hire in Sydney

Popcorn is a crowd’s favourite! Whether you’re planning a fete event or a movie-themed party, you should consider hiring a popcorn machine to elevate your celebration today! Hiring a popcorn machine is a must have especially if you want to create a fun and engaging event space. The crowd’s favourite movie snack will enhance the experience for your guests. At Chair Hire Co, we have created a guide with all the essential information you need to know about popcorn machine.

Why Hire a Popcorn Machine?

Firstly, why hire a popcorn machine? You might be thinking it’s too extra or unnecessary, but no it isn’t. A popcorn machine is a great addition to any event, from birthday parties and weddings to corporate gatherings and fundraisers. Our popcorn machine adds a nostalgic, carnival-like atmosphere, making your event more memorable and enjoyable. Don’t settle for less and create a boring event with basic finger food catering! Create an event where there is a touch of fun on the menu, this way your guests will appreciate an unforgettable event experience.

popcorn machine and slushie machine

Types of Popcorn Machine

There are various types of popcorn machines available for hire and each one has unique features and capacities. The main types of include:

Air-pop Popcorn Machines: This type of machines use hot air to pop the corn, making it a healthier option as it requires no oil.

Kettle Popcorn Machines: Kettle-style machines use oil to pop the corn, producing a classic, buttery taste that’s a favourite among many

Commercial Popcorn Machines: These are larger and more powerful machines suitable for events with a higher volume of guests.

At Chair Hire Co, the type of popcorn machine we have on stock is a Kettle Popcorn Machine. This allows you and your guests to create the nostalgic feeling when you’re at a carnival or a fete! We offer 6 packages of our popcorn machine that are each tailored to accommodate different guest sizes. Every package includes the popcorn machine, popcorn kernels, popcorn butter salt and popcorn bags – with the option to upgrade to popcorn boxes.

Choosing the Right Popcorn Machine

When selecting a popcorn machine for your Sydney event, the critical information you need is the number of guests you are expecting as well as the event type. At Chair Hire Co, we have 6 packages each suited to your event needs. So if you are holding a smaller gathering, we would recommend our Popcorn machine  – Package 1. This package has a serving size of 50 people, so if you have between 20-40 guests this package is perfect for you. Also keep in mind that although you may have 50 guests attending, there are definitely going to be some guests going for seconds. So it’s best to be mindful of that as well. 

If you have around 60 – 100 guests attending your event, we would suggest hiring our Package 3 Popcorn machine. This package has a serving of 150 people and is perfect for your events as it is catered for those guests going for seconds!

All our packages include popcorn kernels, popcorn butter salt and popcorn bags. Each of our popcorn machine packages are also given the option to upgrade to a classic red and white popcorn box. If you believe you would require more servings, we also offer a stand-alone popcorn kernels and popcorn bags for purchase. You can elevate your event even more by adding our Popcorn Cart as well, though it is recommended to have a stable bench top to place the popcorn machine. Choosing to add the popcorn cart is a great way to style it up and provide nostalgic feelings to your guests. Adding this cart is especially great for transportation and storage. 

popcorn machine on a popcorn cart

How to Operate our Popcorn Machine

Step 1: Open the glass doors, grab the left hand lever lifting it till it reaches the top and connects to a magnet.

Step 2: Scoop up popcorn kernels and place them into the bowl. Grab your oil bottle and squeeze 2-3 times of oil. 

Step 3: Seal the bowl by pulling the left hand lever down, close doors and switch on the ‘turn’ and ‘heat’ function. You should be hearing the popcorn kernels rotating and within 5 – 7 minutes you’ll hear the kernels popping. 

Step 4: Turn off the machine and the heat function once you no longer hear popcorn popping. Open the doors once the machine has settled. Lift the left hand lever up to magnetise and rotate the right hand lever to the left hand side. Release the bowl and scoop out the remaining popcorn from the bowl.

Step 5: Once the bowl has been emptied, pull up the bowl and secure it back in place for the next use. 

Step 6: Open up the tray and you have the option to sprinkle through butter salt or leave it as plain popcorn. Once it is salted, grab your popcorn bag and scoop in popcorn. Switch on the warming & light function to keep your popcorn warm.

Step 7: When you’re not using the machine you close up the doors and you are good to go for your next serve!


Finally, on the day of your event, enjoy the delightful aroma of fresh popcorn wafting through the air as your guests indulge in this timeless treat. A popcorn machine will undoubtedly add a special touch to your gathering, creating cherished memories for everyone.

In conclusion, hiring a popcorn machine for your event in Sydney can elevate the fun and excitement for your guests. Choose the right machine, plan in advance, and ensure a smooth hire process to provide your guests with a memorable popcorn-popping experience. Happy popping!

popcorn in popcorn boxes