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Tiffany Chair Hire for Wedding Events

Tiffany chairs are popular for wedding events – their classic and elegant style compliment any theme or party decor.

Tiffany chairs are also very comfortable, with cushions easily added to the seat base, easily stackable, lightweight and come in a variety of colours. They can be easily styled with a bow, sash or draped decoration, or left simply as is (which also looks great).

White cushions are a natural pairing for gold or dark coloured tiffany chairs. They add comfort for events where your guests will be sitting for longer periods, and are easily tied and removed with a simple knot to two sides of the chair’s backing support.

Although cushion colours do not have to be limited to plain white, this colour is most often chosen to match more formal events with white tablecloth linen, white plates and white decorative napkins for guests to create a light and elegant event theme, and in particular, outdoor weddings.


With a high back, tiffany chairs are easily decorated to suit your event’s theme or wedding decorations. Customised drapes and cloth can be easily attached to hang from the back of the chair to create beautiful and ornate decorations for your guest’s seating.

Another popular option is to hang decorative place cards for name holders or seat holders over the back.

As the backing is hollow, save for a few support pieces, a beautiful interwoven drape pattern can be created by weaving yards of silk fabric between the gaps of the chair, resulting the unique pattern for weddings in the image

Finally, the popularity of tiffany chairs are tied to their versatility – they work well for dining settings on both small tables and large dining hall banquets as seen in the photo below. As they are armless, tiffany chairs take up less space in large dining settings with long row tables, make it relatively easy for guests to pull in and out, but still provide a comfortable level of space when food is served.