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Chair hire for function events

Planning your next function or event? Chair Hire Co has the widest range of chair hire available in Sydney metro and greater region. Whether you it’s for a special ceremony, corporate function or celebration party, Chair Hire Co has all your needs covered. Below is a summary of the types of chair hire available and what they are most commonly hired for.

Styled function chairs – The Tiffany chair and the Folding chair

A room of stylish chairs can completely transform your space and help you achieve the look you are after. The Tiffany Chair has a very shabby chic feel, and is a timeless addition to any event space. Even if you’re after a more modern setting, the Tiffany Chair is versatile enough to work with most styles.

The humble Folding Chair whilst it might seem simple, looks beautiful when arranged together. You can also hang ornaments or decorations from the tip, and add a cushion for extra comfort.

Tolix and Wire chairs

Tolix and wire chairs are funky and vibrant for any event space. They’re also sturdy and durable for events where people will be sitting for long periods of time. Our Tolix chair hire can be as chairs with high backs, or stools, and both come in a wide range of colours including black, yellow, red, silver, lime, purple, blue, silver, white and orange.


Tolix chair hire

Acapulco Chairs

Plastic Chairs

Whilst not the most glamorous of chairs, the plastic chair is one of the easiest and most reliable chairs hired for events, especially in large quantities due to their light weight and durability. Also being waterproof, the plastic chair is perfect if your wet weather plan is outdoors or a high chance of still getting wet! Plus, plastic chairs don’t have to look as daggy as you might be imagining, if styled with the right finishings. See below for some inspiration.