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Having a significant effect on the overall look and feel of your event, the humble chair can actually play quite a big decision when designing your event space. There are lots of great options to choose from at Chair Hire Co. Here are the most popular chair hire choices for special events:

Tiffany Chair Hire

Tiffany Chairs (or Chiavari chairs) are one of our most popular chairs hired for weddings and special events. A classic and elegant design, they suit almost any theme and are extremely comfortable with a padded seat cushion.


Folding chairs

Though they sound simple, folding chairs can actually look really classy and stylish when lined together. Plus, you’ll love how much easier they are to set-up and pack away! Chair Hire Co.’s folding chairs are padded, making them even more comfortable for your guests. The black folding chair is often used for corporate events, and white for weddings and special occasions. Some of our favourite inspiration images of folding chairs at events are,

Bentwood Chair

The Bentwood Chair is a favourite for its timelessness and it’s aluminium structure offering extra support. The rattan seat is extremely comfortable, and offers as a beautiful contrasting feature. Chair Hire Co.’s Bentwood Chairs come in white (with a white rattan seat) and dark timber brown (with beige seat). View them here. Bentwood Chairs are commonly used as designer features at the dining table, so have a warm and homely feel to your event space. Our top inspiration picks with Bentwood Chairs are simple, yet stunning styled events.

Deck Chairs

Is your event outside and you’re looking to create a casual chill-out area? Why not hire one of our funky deck chairs! They look terrific and the best bonus part is how uber comfortable they are – you may have a hard time getting your guests back up! View deck chair hire.


Tiffany chair hire for wedding events

Tiffany chairs are popular for wedding events – their classic and elegant style compliment any theme or party decor.

Tiffany chairs are also very comfortable, with cushions easily added to the seat base, easily stackable, lightweight and come in a variety of colours. They can be easily styled with a bow, sash or draped decoration, or left simply as is (which also looks great).

Check out Chair Hire Co’s range of Tiffany Chairs available for hire.

Check out some tiffany chair ideas in the photos below:

White cushions are a natural pairing for gold or dark coloured tiffany chairs. They add comfort for events where your guests will be sitting for longer periods, and are easily tied and removed with a simple knot to two sides of the chair’s backing support.

Although cushion colours do not have to be limited to plain white, this colour is most often chosen to match more formal events with white tablecloth linen, white plates and white decorative napkins for guests to create a light and elegant event theme, and in particular, outdoor weddings.

With a high back, tiffany chairs are easily decorated to suit your event’s theme or wedding decorations. Customised drapes and cloth can be easily attached to hang from the back of the chair to create beautiful and ornate decorations for your guest’s seating.

Another popular option is to hang decorative place cards for name holders or seat holders over the back.

As the backing is hollow, save for a few support peices, a beautiful interwoven drape pattern can be created by weaving yards of silk fabric between the gaps of the chair, resulting the unique pattern for weddings in the below inspiration photo:

Finally, the popularity of tiffany chairs are tied to their versatility – they work well for dining settings on both small tables and large dining hall banquets as seen in the photo below. As they are armless, tiffany chairs take up less space in large dining settings with long row tables, make it relatively easy for guests to pull in and out, but still provide a comfortable level of space when food is served.


Kids chair hire for events

When planning kids parties, specifically hiring kids chairs can be easily over looked. Whilst realistically if you’re hosting a children’s party it will be pretty difficult to get the kids to keep still and sit down, actually having enough chairs is an effective way to keep things under control!

The main two chairs that are hired for kids events are,

Kids mesh chairs
Mesh chairs are extremely comfortable, come in a variety of colours and are great for outdoor parties. We’d recommend hiring mesh chairs for events that children will be sitting down for longer periods of time.

Kids plastic chairs
Plastic chairs are the more budget option and are perfect if you’re hosting a large children’s event and want something easily transportable and stackable. Likewise, these come in a variety of colours and have arm rests to keep the littlies more comfortable.

Looking for more kids party ideas? Consider some of our hire options that are sure to make your party extra fun.

Hire a slushie machine

Everyone loves a refreshing slushie, and the kids will be mesmerised and they watch it rotate and be made in the machine dispenser. Chair Hire Co is the biggest provider of slushie machines in Australia, so you’ll be spoilt for choice with package options to suit all occasions. View slushie hire.

Fairy floss machine hire

Have you ever seen fairy floss be made? For something that looks so fancy and magical, it really is super easy to make – with the right machine of course! View fairy floss machine hire.


Hire a popcorn machine

Add some wow to a movie party or make the savoury treats more snazzy with a popcorn machine. Nothing tastes (and sounds) as good as freshly popped popcorn! View popcorn machine hire.

Chocolate fountain machines

Chocolate fountains are a fun activity for the kids, with everyone being able to have a turn at dipping their choice of treat under the deliciously freshly running melted chocolate. It can also be a sneaky way to feed them some fruits, with strawberries being a popular dipping food. View chocolate fountain hire.